Iraq War Photos. A collection of photographs from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Kosovo in 2000. William E.Thompson is the photojournalism instructor at Randolph Community College in Asheboro North Carolina, NC. Photojournalist for stock and assignment photography

Iraq War Photographs
Some of the Images on these Pages are Graphic War Photos

Photographs of the 2-7IN Infantry Battalion
A collection of photos while our team was attached to the 2-7 IN Battalion.
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All of the Iraq Photos
This album has all of the Iraq Photographs. There are more than 2000 images.
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Iraqi Children
Photographs of the Children in Iraq
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Iraq Featured Images
A selection of edited images that mean a lot to William Thompson.
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The Looting of Baghdad.
On April 8th, 2003 the looting began.
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Portraits of Soldiers
Soldiers at work, play and rest.
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LTC Scott Rutter
LTC Rutter was the commander of the 2-7 Infantry Battalion.
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SFC Paul R. Smith's Memorial Service
Members of the Engineer Company attached to 2-7 Infantry pay their respects to Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith on April 8th 2003 at the Baghdad International Airport. Smith is the only soldier to receive the Metal of Honor during the first 21 days to Baghdad.
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Soldiers not working.
Photographs of soldiers resting, playing and eating
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Soldiers Under Fire
Images from the first few weeks of the war.
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Iraqi Women
Photographs of Women and their lives in Iraq
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